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Uluru is a majestic deep coppery shimmer. It has irregular shaped pigmented that blends like a dream, is highly pigmented and reminds you of a glistening sunset over the Uluru / Ayers Rock.

Our Acrylic Polymer Coloured Powders are a blend of our ultra fine, medium setting powder with pure pigments, glitters and shimmers.

  • Perfect for fades, blends and all designs.
  • Smooth application every time.
  • Manufactured only with polyethylmethacrylate-EMA
  • Single polymer formulation
  • Delivers excellent adhesion
  • 20gm Jar
Importantly the strength and hardness of the nails will come from your crystal clear base and/ or cap (top layer) not from the colour powders. As this product is easier to remove, has great workability and sets in a medium to quick time frame, client treatment times are reduced making this high quality acrylic system tremendous value for money.
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