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    "My goal is for the product you buy from Pink Diva to become your favourite to use.' It will be your go to, the one you choose above all others, knowing it will serve you well in providing quality enhancements for your customers. Being supported and backed by a brand gives you the confidence in knowing you've always got this!

I started on a journey in 2014 to create quality, affordable and versatile nail products for Nail Artists worldwide.

This is our journey and how Pink Diva evolved...

Since beginning in the industry in 2004, I started my home salon 'Pink Diva Nail Creations' and built it to incredible success, working back to back 10hr days on clients for quite a few years.

It wasn't until I fell unexpectedly pregnant in 2014 and became extremely ill with morning sickness (severe hypermesis gravidarum) that my work days ground to a halt because this required bed rest for close to 6 months, after pushing through with help from family, we had our 3rd baby in early 2014.

At just 31 weeks, baby Jaxx came into the world and we spent the following 4 weeks in the NICU at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle while he grew stronger.

It was during this time, unable to work, where I was online ordering supplies that I realised, not only was there an evident gap at that time in the market for good quality, aussie nail products but I was struggling to find any brand of Gel Polish that didn't require 3 coats every single time. I just wanted a gel polish that had a consistent 1-2 coat coverage....

It was during those NICU weeks and the weeks that followed at home with my family that the concept of PDNS was created! Quite literally, a list of things I was going to need to do was written on the back of a hospital napkin. I wish I still had it to share with you!

These two sparkly pink girls Sharlah and Arabella were the inspiration behind the Pink Diva name... Two little diva's who were always dressed in pink...

The next 9 months were spent trialing, testing and blending raw ingredients for products I knew we had to have.

I launched with just two dozen Nail Charms in August of 2015 and within 4 months had added one of the biggest Swarovski Crystal Ranges in Australia to our website.

Fast forward another 6 months, our first 12 Gel Polish colours were finished formulating and then launched and we received absolutely incredible feedback as one of the first gel polishes to actually be just one coat for coverage.

We added many brands along the way and found as the years went on that 90% of our sales and loyal customers just wanted the OG, the Pink Diva brand.

Another 6 months passed and through our growth we were able to launch our very own Acrylic System, followed by our Soft Gel Extension System.

Our Gel Polish range has grown to over 240 shades. Majority of these were hand mixed and made by us with pigments from one of our manufacturers with our custom made gel formula from another.

Our Acrylic System has more than 60 custom made colours and 12 core powders.

I am extremely passionate about how our products are made and what they are made with. You will never find a Pink Diva product simply relabelled, we create everything we can here in our warehouse.


Our First Little Warehouse


Our Current Warehouse