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Pink Diva Nails Inc Artist Brushes are the epitome of quality and craftsmanship.

Approx. 15mm in length

Our manufacturer holds the same ethical and conscious beliefs as we do to remain a vegan friendly brand, to the best of our ability. They are tested consistently as per our standards and were tested for a full 18 months to ensure longevity and durability before we launched them.

Our story is unique and we love to share it with everyone....

All our brushes are 100% handcrafted in a small town in Taiwan using traditional craftsmanship. It is a method of brush making that has been passed down within the one family from generation to generation to ensure a pristine level of quality. Our Artist Brushes are made with 100% vegan friendly synthetic hair.

Our hope is to help reduce the manufacture of mass produced brushes, that are made unethically with animal hair and without any regulation.

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