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Our Cover Tutu is an ultra fine, medium setting powder that creates strong, crack resistant nails.

It is a soft cover, slightly translucent if applied thinly - but built up over the smileline area it is more like a concealer for the nails, hiding any blemishes or marks and is great for extending the smile line for a no see through look.

In combination with our reinforced PRO EMA Acrylic Liquid, this high quality acrylic polymer provides a self levelling, easy to work with system that allows experts and students alike to get great results.

They are a single polymer formulation (manufactured only with polyethylmethacrylate-EMA) that delivers excellent adhesion characteristics. Importantly the strength and hardness of the nails that result also show subtle flexibility to ensure the nails stand up to busy lifestyles.

As this product is easier to remove, has great workability and sets in a medium to quick time frame, client treatment times are reduced making this high quality acrylic system tremendous value for money.

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