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The Australialand Collection is a blend of stunning bronze, coppers and golds that reflect the rich and incredible Australian land. From our iconic golden beaches to the rust hued deserts and beyond, these shades are perfect for earthy or autumn inspired sets!

Our Acrylic Polymer Coloured Powders are a blend of our ultra fine, medium setting powder with pure pigments, glitters and shimmers.

  • Perfect for fades, blends and all designs.
  • Smooth application every time.
  • Manufactured only with polyethylmethacrylate-EMA
  • Single polymer formulation
  • Delivers excellent adhesion
  • 20gm Jar

Importantly the strength and hardness of the nails will come from your crystal clear base and/ or cap (top layer) not from the colour powders. As this product is easier to remove, has great workability and sets in a medium to quick time frame, client treatment times are reduced making this high quality acrylic system tremendous value for money.

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