UniPress Sculpted Tips – Medium Square

$55.00 inc. GST

  • Professional Structure – Straight Sidewalls, perfect C-Curve and Apex
  • 12 different sizes
  • Pre shaped & ready to apply
  • Allows for a full set application in just 30 minutes!
  • Break-resistant, durable design for long lasting wear
  • Ultra thin cuticle area for flush, pro looking nails
  • Available in 10 different styles
  • Refill Packs for your most used sizes
  • At least 50 sets of nails per box and on average just $2.35 per service (including 10 tips, cleanser, wipe, primer, base gel, builder gel and topcoat)
  • 2 clients per hour at the same rate as any other full acrylic or gel service in your salon – essentially doubles your profit!!!

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Pink Diva PRO Soft Gel Sculpted Nail Extensions are the latest to join the Professional Aussie Pink Diva Range.

We wanted to bring you a soft gel press on system that would easily slip right in with all the PD products you already use. We wanted your Pink Diva Systems to be harmonious with one another and we’ve been able to do that by formulating all of our products from the same high grade, raw ingredients.

These sculpted extensions are formulated from our existing Pink Diva Brush It On Builder Gel. Which means they apply perfectly with most of our gel product range. This saves you money…. because they all work with together!

Each shape and length has a Professional Structure.

We have created perfectly straight sidewalls, a competition worthy c-curve and the most important aspect of our whole design is the Apex. The Apex is slightly thicker, using a concentration of our gel; this gives extra strength and the right dimensions for a consistent, strong, professional finished nail enhancement.

Available in 10 different shapes and sizes – we have created them for the most popular lengths for a salon environment and we have created Refill packs for every single shape and size.

For best results we recommend using with our B02, B04 or B05 Brush It On Builder Gels or our soon to be released UniPress On Soft Gel Glue.


Our recommended steps are

  1. Size each tip to the clients natural nail. Using your prep e-file bit or a hand file buff the underside of the tip to remove the shine where the tip is going to be adhered to the natural nail and set aside in order.
  2. Ensure all 10 fingers are prepped professionally (push back cuticles, remove shine and shape, remove true cuticle with a prep bit, cleanse, prep it, prime it / ultrabond xxx)
  3. Apply Base Coat and cure
  4. Have your tips in front of you waiting to go and have your client assist holding our Little Lamp ready to flash cure the gel and tip in place.
  5. Apply our Builder Gel to the underside of the tip at the cuticle area – generally 1/3 of the nail size is all you need in builder gel to get great coverage and adhesion.
  6. When placing the tip on to the natural nail, position it over the cuticle area and press it gently into that area leaving the usual 2mm gap.
  7. Apply the same firm yet gentle pressure to slowly push the tip down and and out toward the free edge.
  8. You will see the gel moving slowly under the tip – when it reaches the very edge of the clients natural nail stop, ensure all edges are snug and no gel has escaped before getting your client to flash cure for 10 seconds. Complete the hand and cure for the full 60 seconds and proceed with the next hand.
  9. We recommend applying a layer of our Builder Gel over the tip to aid in strength, cure
  10. Lightly buff the surface, blend the cuticle area and finish with gel polish or nail art.