Emendee Primary Filter 4pk

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Please allow up to 7 working days for dispatch of our Emendee Stock.

Primary Filters are located on the top of your emendee workstation. These filters are made from high grade materials that act as the first catchment point for the dust and vapour molecules that areproduced when doing artificial nails.

It is important for workplace health and safety to change these filters after every client to stop the transference of bacteria and fungus.

Every emendee workstation comes with two filters. Every emendee SNU comes with six filters.

Busy nail technicians benefit from having an extra pack of Primary Filters so they can work through all their clients and only have one clean up session at the end of the work day. Primary Filters only take a minute to clean – but finding that minute is sometimes a real chore!

Set of 4 (Top Filters)

Please allow up to 7 days for dispatch of our Emendee Stock