Never stop learning or growing as a Nail Artist


Education and Training

Our training is designed for you as a Nail Artist. We know there are many different levels of skill and with that in mind we aim to meet you where your skill level currently is, helping you grow and perfect your skills, to become the Nail Artist you aspire to be.

One thing that is apparent to all who come in contact with Pink Diva Nail Supply, is that we embody positivity in every aspect. We are here to help you grow, both in skill and knowledge, so you can use our products in the best possible way to create amazing designs.

Meet our Educators

Caitlin Gander

Qld Master Educator

Shanii Mcphee

Central NSW Educator

Emily Brown

South NSW Educator

Training and Courses

Want to join our Education Team

Simply send through your details, qualifications, experience, location and pictures of your work to us at

We are always looking to expand our team and are currently sourcing Qualified Nail Artists for our Educator Positions in the following states – Western Australia, South Australia, Vic, ACT and Northern Territory. If you are wanting to take your career to the next level, please get in touch as you may be the perfect fit..