My name is Brooke Mcdonald. I run a salon from my home called nails By Brooke Mac. I am 24 years old, have an amazing fiancé Jake who has supported me through this whole journey, and four fur babies, Frankie and Gus (dogs), and Milly and Boots (cats).

Since I left school in 2011, I have had nothing but administration and office jobs. For years I stuck with my boring repetitive jobs until one day I had enough. I was working for westpac bank and I came home from work and told my fiancé I was going to quit and study nails.

I quit the next day and enrolled in cert III in Nail Technology in February 2018. This was the best decision I have ever made.

I have been working so hard to build my clientele and to become noticed by brands.

I was offered to join Pink Diva Nail Supply as an ambassador late last year. This was something I’d never dream of happening this soon in my career, so I was absolutely shocked when I received the message from Lesley.

I absolutely love Pink Diva and I could not think of a brand I’d love to be a part of more. Lesley is amazing, her products are to die for and the support she offers with her products is outstanding.

In the future I can only hope I would be educating other women who were in my position 24 months ago and helping them grow into the best nail technician they can be.

Love Brooke ❤️