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Let me welcome you to the newest and most exciting training academy in Australia and the virtual world!

We have been providing one on one intensive training and upskill classes to qualified Nail Artists around Australia for some time now. We knew it was definitely time to launch that on to our very own eLearning platform, so you can learn around your lifestyle and commitments. We believe there is a gap with the level of training offered today for aspiring Nail Artists. Training that provides you with the foundational pillars in knowledge and skill that you need to enter this industry and be successful!

Our courses are jam packed with all the knowledge, skill and business expertise accumulated over the past 15 years. We say goodbye to the days where you qualify with basic training and have to build on it just to get started! We provide you with everything you need…

Our Mission

Whether you’re just starting out or advancing your skills, our mission is to provide you with the highest level of training! So you can graduate confident in your ability and skills, ready to start or continue to build a long lasting career in the beauty industry

With us behind you, you’ve got this….




Our courses are designed for you to complete anywhere in the world on any device, around any lifestyle!

We get it… that in the real world there is so much going on from jobs, kids, family, partners, pets and then the list goes on! So we’ve made it easy for you to study online on your phone, tablet, PC or with any of our nationwide educators near you!

We have all our training classes available and running in our State of the Art Training Academy located in Coffs Harbour on the gorgeous North Coast of NSW, Australia.

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